16 January 2019
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  Head of the Center
Dr. Khalil Ansarin


The Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Research Center has been established to develop research and provide appropriate health care solutions in the field of pulmonary and tuberculosis, and is based on the expertise and field of work of leadership and research management as a reliable reference. At the national and international levels, it will be recognized as the focal point of thinking in this field by playing a key role in health system policies. The center is determined to lead, comprehensive and strategic management of research into pulmonary diseases, and to play an active and efficient role by trying to solve the basic health problems for the country's sustainable development and in the direction of human development and excellence.

With the knowledge and belief in the intrinsic sanctity of knowledge and research and the undeniable importance of its center in the development of society and observance of the ethical standards in the research, it attempts to work with group work and create transcendental motives for scientific activities, research and the efforts to disseminate research culture And promoting the position of the researcher is a step towards the perfection of human perfection.