16 January 2019
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Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Center

The Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Research Center of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences has started its activity since 1998 after obtaining definitive approval of the establishment of the center on the basis of the decision taken at the 170th meeting of the Council of Medical Sciences Development Universities dated 28/6/77.
The center considers conducting the community-based research in the field of healthcare as its most important mission, along with conducting fundamental research to produce science, as well as providing guidelines and advice to policy makers and policy makers in promoting community health.
The center has been established for fundamental research in tuberculosis and other diseases of the lungs and has participated in education and research on various aspects of pulmonary diseases in continuous promotion of knowledge in this field as well as the education of this disease for various degrees in medicine and paramedicine. Taking on major research into tuberculosis and other lung diseases, both of which are a global concern, is trying to help solve these problems.

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The goal of the Center for Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Diseases is to develop research and provide health and sanitation solutions for respiratory diseases and tuberculosis, and to carry out basic and clinical research in this field, and to present new methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases. The center is also committed to learning, teaching and research in pulmonary diseases and teaching research methods to serve the country and the region, as one of the research poles in the country, and is aiming to become an active and leading center in the region.

Creating a suitable platform for conducting fundamental and applied research in pulmonary diseases with the participation of other research centers in the country and international centers.

Collaborating with other scientific centers, creating facilities and facilities for clinical and basic research of participating in educational programs

Center's distinctive capabilities:

- A very active part of the lung that is widely accepted by other sections and health centers.

Continuing education in the field by medical students and internists, surgeons and specialist lung diseases and intensive care units for lung and thoracic surgery.

The existence of ICU sections is very effective, and the respiratory laboratory, which has the most equipped centers throughout the country, has a bronchoscopy department, as well as a department of pharmacy, such as rehabilitation therapy, which is unique in the country.

The goals of this center are as follows:

1. To carry out fundamental and applied researches in the field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pulmonary and tuberculosis diseases in order to improve the quality of provision of health services, treatment to patients and society.

2- Creation of a database including collecting, arranging and sorting documents, documents, papers and various resources.

3- Training the human resources of the researcher and promoting the culture of research and team in the scientific research areas.

Encourage colleagues and researchers to target research activities

5 - Creating facilities and facilities for clinical and basic research

6. Establishing appropriate communication with affiliated research centers both inside and outside the country

7- Production and promotion of medical knowledge based on patient and community needs in the field of pulmonary and tuberculosis

8. Considering the methods of prevention and treatment of traditional medicine in the field of respiratory diseases based on valid scientific articles and ancient medical texts along with the new methods of classical medicine and the combined use of their scientific effects and their results.